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GPS Tracking

If you need to purchase extra GPS Collars simply contact us. They are $100.00 pre new collar. You are given 1 free GPS collar per puppy when in stock with your pre-order.

Selection Process

The puppy selection process starts sometime after puppies are 14 days old. We look at all pre-orders placed before whelping and will notify those who pre-orders match the currently whelped puppies first. We look at the pre-order numbers and preference section information in deciding who is next in line. This process can last 1-4 weeks. All pre-orders will be notified.

Healthy Food

All puppies are fed a no-grain dog food. We recommend keeping your puppy on a no-grain dog food as every basset are prone to food allergies. If you want to switch to a regular dog food we suggest mixing in no grain for the first 2 weeks to ensure no allergic reaction.


All pre-order puppies come microchipped. You must register your microchip in your name.If one is was not implanted before the puppy leaves you will be sent one for your vet to implant or a voucher if your vet doesn't accept 3rd party microchips.

Gift Package

If you are in need of a gift package because your puppy isn't ready yet let our office know. Most gift packages are FREE to all pre-orders. The packages vary depending on what you need it for.

Ground Transport

We do offer ground shipping only in certain parts of the United States. Ground shipping fees vary from $50-$1000 depending on location. Contact us for a quote.

Warranty Review

The warranty becomes active when you take your puppy home. It covers health/genetics, accidental death, theft, and some vet cost reimbursements. Be sure to check your contract under section 1:1 for your specific warrant information.

Air Transport

If you need to change delivery information make sure to do so at least 2 weeks in advance of when your puppy is supposed to be shipped out. Pets are shipped through the PetSafe Cargo Program with United Airlines. Standard shipping in the US,PR, and Canada is $380. Contact us if you require shipping to a different country.